Internationaal Gelders Open

Welcome to the website of the International Gelders Open Pitch and Putt 2020

**CORONA** Update Int. Gelders Open 2020

NL in lockdown until june 1st. New , provisional date : 6-8 november

For now; keep safe!! Ed.

The International Gelders Open Pitch and Putt 2020 will be played from the 6th until the  8th of november at the beautiful Pitch & Putt course Doetinchem On this website you will find all information about the tournament. The Gelders Open is an international tournament for all Golf- and Pitch & Putt players who are members of any Golf or Pitch and Putt association. We hope to welcome at least 108 and a maximum of 144 participants.

Matchplay 6-holes knock-out tournament will start at app. 3 pm on friday. 64 Players can compete; € 5,= each and the winner takes 80% and the runner-up 20% of the total pot. Place on the starting list will be done by blind draw. If overinscribed a prelim round will be played to get to 64.